Fleece Lined Tights – This Wardrobe Trend Went Viral!


We tested the fake translucent fleece tights that have gone completely viral. 

woman pulling side of fleece lined tights in mirror

You’re not going to believe your eyes! 🤩 

Fleece-lined tights went viral last winter! My fake translucent fleece tights from Amazon look like real skin and keep you warm during winter.

They also happen to be the #1 Best Seller in tights on Amazon! 🤩

Have you heard of fake translucent fleece tights? Here’s the #1 selling pair I bought:

hands holding black tights

I first saw fake translucent fleece tights on TikTok and knew I needed to give them a try! What makes them so unique and unlike any other pair of tights is the fact they look like your skin peeking through the outside. But they’re actually warm and lined with cozy fleece on the inside! 🤯

hand inside of black leggings

As you can see, it looks like my real skin under black tights, but what anyone looking at them doesn’t know is that they’re actually the most genius wardrobe hack ever! 😍

As a bonus, I also found them to be somewhat lifting on my butt (who doesn’t love that?!) and they have decent compression everywhere else to slim those legs. 🙌🏼 Basically what I’m saying is…you’ll be warm and feeling your best in these tights.

woman taking selfie in mirror wearing fleece lined tights

The thick waistband makes them feel very secure and doesn’t slip down since it falls right at my waist. Even when bending my legs, they look super deceiving! 😱 Plus, I cannot get over how soft they feel inside – they’re like a cozy, soft sweater!

I’m always cold, but when wearing these I feel no air making its way through and I’ve tested them in 30-degree weather so far this year! 🤩

I’m warm from the time I put them on to the time I take them off.

hand holding phone with text messages

I even sent a few pictures of me wearing these tights to my friend to give these the real test on whether they look legit or not. She’s always blatantly honest so if anyone was going to tell me these didn’t look legit, it’d be her. 😆

However, I’m pleased to share that the fleece-lined tights even passed the best friend test (just as I knew they would). 👏🏻 In fact, neither of us could get over how real they looked and agree they’re so innovative!

A wardrobe hack like this means the outfit possibilities in winter are endless in cold weather. 🤩

woman taking selfie in mirror wearing fleece lined tights and green skirt with sweater

Bust out all your skirts and dresses for winter ladies because these fake translucent fleece tights mean you can wear just about any outfit your heart desires without the worry of being cold. 😍 They’re like sweaters for your legs!

woman holding open fleece lined tights sitting on white couch

With fleece-lined tights going viral since last year, we’ve seen a few new brands launch over the last year that make them readily accessible.

Last year, I ordered the original fleece-lined tights from Belle of the Ball (shown above) which were way pricier, arrived ripped the first time, and took 2.5 weeks to arrive after I ordered. 😬

woman taking selfie in mirror wearing black tights

These #1 best-selling fleece tights on Amazon are under $20 shipped, feel like the same quality, and keep me just as warm. Plus, they come in more specific sizes and a few different colors which makes them more versatile for different skin tones. 👏🏻

Overall, I’m thrilled with these tights and was so excited to approve of a more budget-friendly option! This trend is such a great wardrobe hack, I don’t know anyone who shouldn’t have it in their wardrobe!

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