Kali Uchis Announces Pregnancy With Don Toliver in Sweet Music Video


The singer shared snippets of Orquídeas‘ “Tu Corazón Es Mío” and “Diosa”

Mamá Uchis has a nice ring to it. On Thursday, hours before she’s set to release her Spanish album Orquídeas, the Colombian star revealed that she’s expecting a baby with her partner Don Toliver in a music video featuring the LP’s songs “Tu Coarzón Es Mío” and “Diosa.”

“Starting our family ❤️‍🩹 don’t take too long to get here little pooks, mom & dad can’t wait to share our life with you,” Uchis wrote on Instagram.

The first half of the visual — featuring “Tu Corazón” — laces clips of Toliver and Uchis in a kitchen with sweet footage of the duo as children. The flowy love song soundtracks the pair going to an ultrasound (with Toliver adorably kissing Uchis’ belly) and the couple dancing in a kitchen. “There’s no one like you,” Uchis sings in Spanish.

The video then transitions to show the couple driving off in a Jeep as the islandy beat for “Diosa” begins to play. The duo drives down a road before being transported into a magical, Red Moon in Venus-esque world where Uchis dances in front of a sunset as the camera zooms into her pregnant belly.

“He always looks for me and does everything I say,” she sings on “Diosa” in Spanish. “I am his queen, with me, he is submissive.”

The visual ends with a beautiful shot of Uchis lying in the sand as the waves hit the sides of her to form what appears to be a family tree.


Uchis is set to release her album Orquídeas, featuring songs like “Labios Mordidos” with Karol G and “Igual Que Un Ángel” with Peso Pluma, on Thursday night.

Toliver confirmed in 2021 that he and Uchis were dating but that they were “not crazy public or nothing like that.” Earlier this year, Toliver joined Uchis onstage during her Coachella set for a performance of “Fantasy.”

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