Former WWE champion returning after over a year of absence to face Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 40 next April should happen, urges veteran


Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan wants to see Trinity Fatu (Naomi) return to WWE to face Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 40.

Trinity joined the Stamford-based company in 2009. She spent about 13 years as an active competitor, during which time she held the SmackDown Women’s Title and Women’s Tag Team Championship. However, the 36-year-old walked out during an episode of RAW in May 2022 and eventually left WWE.

Recent rumors suggested the current TNA wrestler could return to the Stamford-based company to reunite with her husband, Jimmy Uso. Speaking on Gigantic Pop, Matt Morgan expressed his desire to see Trinity square off against Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 40.

“They’re just both such freakishly, oh my God! Their athleticism is off the freaking chart. Like, I’m not exaggerating here. People give, like, NBA players the credit and wide receivers and tight ends special positions as being like the best all-around athletes. I’m telling you, both of those women are the best all-around athletes–guy or girl–I’ve seen. Just insanely, naturally, athletically gifted. I’d kill to see those two wrestle,” he said. [46:34 – 47:05]


Trinity Fatu should not be added to Roman Reigns’ Bloodline, wrestling veteran says. Check out the details here.

Former WWE writer also wants to see Trinity versus Bianca Belair

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws, former WWE writer Vince Russo also addressed the return rumors of Trinity Fatu.

The wrestling veteran also suggested that the former SmackDown Women’s Champion square off against Bianca Belair. He claimed the match could be the most memorable thing Trinity did in her career.

“I don’t know if they ever did this, but when you look at her and you look at Bianca Belair, you gotta be looking at perhaps the two greatest female athletes in wrestling. I don’t think they went down that road before. Now, to me, that alone, if you built that right and you’ve got two blue-chip athletes in that ring, that could be the biggest thing that she’s ever done in her career, and the most memorable. But, again, bro, it’s gotta be done right.” [5:15 – 5:53]


Trinity Fatu should rise to the top if she returns, EC3 says. Check out his comments here.

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