Mom calls out bullies’ parents in viral TikTok after daughter’s ‘knock-off’ Stanley cup was mocked at school


A mom called out parents in a viral TikTok earlier this week, claiming she bought her daughter a name-brand Stanley cup after her peers at school mocked her for toting her under $10 Walmart knock-off.

“Can we afford to buy her a Stanley? Yes. Did I think that she needed one? No,” Dayna Motycka told her followers earlier this week. 

“Apparently I’ve been proven wrong by the children in our school that are making fun of her for not having a real name-brand Stanley.”

Motycka showed the cheetah print pink and white insulated tumbler she purchased for $9.98, saying her daughter thought it was “cute.”

After coming back to school from the holidays, Motycka’s daughter was “upset” about the way other girls, many of whom got Stanley Cups for Christmas, criticized the knock-off and made sure to let her know it wasn’t a “real Stanley.”

“[They told her] that this is fake and not as cool,” she said, pointing to the cup.

Motycka proceeded to call out the girls’ parents for failing to teach them to treat others with respect for not having trendy, in-demand products, whether they’re Stanley, Uggs or Lululemon.

“This doesn’t start with the kids. This starts with us, with parents, with moms. What are we teaching our kids?” she asked. 

Dayna Motycka bought her daughter the cheetah print pink and white insulated cup for $9.98 at Walmart, but the mother said students at her school mocked it. @dayna_motycka / Tiktok
Dayna Motycka’s daughter said she was “upset” about the way other girls kept telling her the knockoff she had wasn’t a “real Stanley.” @dayna_motycka / Tiktok

“You’d better believe that, if our nine-year-old daughter came home and, somehow, we found out that she had made fun of another girl at school for not having something name-brand… we would be calling the family, we would be making her write a note to apologize, we would make her apologize in person because that’s not what we do in this household.”

Motycka also bought her daughter a real Stanley cup, which she also showed in the video, but said the family seeks to teach their kids that, despite having enough money to purchase these things, they don’t necessarily need them.

“We’re trying to teach our kids they don’t necessarily need that. Things are earned. You have to work for things in your life. Not everything is just going to be handed to you,” she said.

The mother said she still bought her daughter a real Stanley cup, as the commodity has sold out in many stores, but said the family seeks to teach their kids they don’t necessarily need them. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“But do I also not want to see my daughter being left out or made fun of because she doesn’t have name-brand things? That’s how I grew up,” she continued, explaining that she, as a child, was mocked for not having name-brand clothing like other kids.

Motycka concluded the video with a message urging parents to teach their children to not make fun of others for not having the things that they have.

The Stanley Cup craze has seen videos of shoppers storming Target shelves to get their hands on the limited edition pink or red Valentine’s Day editions of 40 oz. Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumblers in recent days, leading some people to say they were “nearly trampled” as a result.

In one TikTok video posted by @jazzedbyjaz, Texas shoppers cleared shelves of the coveted releases in less than four minutes.

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