NASCAR fans react to SRX Racing postponing their 4th season


In a surprising turn of events, the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX Racing) on Thursday (January 11) announced that it will postpne its fourth season in 2024.

The series, founded by Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham, Sandy Montag and George Pyne was scheduled to begin in the summer of 2024. The series is designed to feature short-track races with a focus on attracting legendary drivers from various disciplines.

However, NASCAR fans were stunned with the unexpected plans to postpone the 2024 SRX Racing season. There were mixed reactions, with some taking dig at Paul Tracy, who was suspended last from the series after his involvement in a controversial wreck at Pulaski County Motorsports.

While some were disappointed to hear about it, others went emotional, calling the series a fun time for them and were hoping for a stronger comeback of the series. Here are some of the fan reactions:

“Damnit Paul Tracy, look what you did!!!”

“Nice Work @paultracy3”

“No! I loved SRX!”


“This is unexpected, was always a fun 6 week span in the summer … hopefully this isn’t the end”

“It was really fun, I enjoyed the midweek racing. It will be missed and I hope it comes back stronger.”

“Well darn it! That’s too bad. I really enjoyed the Thursday night racing, but it’s totally understandable because of today’s economy. Thank you for having it the last 3 years!”

Tony Stewart’s co-founded SRX Racing halts 2024 season due to “market factors”

SRX Racing issued a statement late Thursday afternoon on X, formerly Twitter confirming the postponement due to market factors.

The suburban Charlotte, N.C.-based organization released a statement that read:

“It is with deep disappointment that we announce the postponement of SRX’s fourth season. We entered the next phase of our racing series with great anticipation and excitement for what was ahead. Our expectations, however, have been tempered by market factors that have proven too much to overcome.”

“Time has run out to put forth the kind of events our fans, partners, drivers and tracks deserve. We’re thankful to each for their commitment, their contributions and their support as we brought a new idea to reality.”

SRX Racing with a six-race format was supposed to begin on Jul. 11, 2024 at Stafford Speedway and conclude on Aug. 15.

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