Netflix's 'Players' trailer makes a play for Valentine's Day viewing


A group of people get a woman ready for a date.

If you didn’t think you could Moneyball dating, Netflix‘s latest film has a sporting strategy to change your mind.

The streaming service has dropped the trailer for Players, director Trish Sie’s romantic comedy following a group of friends who run “plays” to help each other meet people for casual flings. In their dating rulebook, there’s only one proviso: You can’t start a relationship from a play. Seems somewhat ethical, I guess.

When Mack (Gina Rodriguez) falls for someone she has her eye on, a war correspondent named Nick (Tom Ellis), she goes to the group to help her run a play for something bigger. Her best friend Adam (Damon Wayans Jr.) and the rest of her pals decide to help her out and create a game plan to rival their usual scenarios. But the trailer hints at something else going on closer to home.

Netfix is releasing this one on Valentine’s Day, so it’s going to be the streaming service’s big mushy romance play — and the latest addition to Netflix’s existing romantic movie lineup.

Players debuts on Netflix Feb. 14

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