Pat McAfee couldn’t hold back emotions after Michigan thrashed Huskies in dominating fashion


Michigan’s national championship success has pretty much commanded more respect for Jim Harbaugh in college football. The former San Francisco 49ers coach led the Wolverines to another dominant season, which was rewarded with the ultimate prize this time.

Pat McAfee spoke about how brilliant Harbaugh is in the first edition of “The Pat McAfee Show” following the national championship game. This is because the Wolverines’ success this season has been largely attributed to sign-stealing in many quarters.

“I think we are kind of missing the fact that Jim Harbaugh is a phenomenal football coach. That’s what that team wanted this year,” Pat McAfee said.

McAfee joins the list of several notable names who have praised Jim Harbaugh for the good job he’s done over the year at Ann Arbor despite the sign-stealing criticism. The Wolverines also seem to be getting the deserved respect following the dominant victory over Washington on Monday.

Has Michigan proven doubters wrong amid sign-stealing allegation?

Michigan’s success and dominance in recent years under Jim Harbaugh has been watered down by fans and media since the NCAA announced the sign-stealing investigation. The program has been accused of cheating its way up within the landscape.

However, the Wolverines have maintained their superb run ever since then, navigating public criticism and media scrutiny. They went on to record a win against Penn State, Maryland, Ohio State, Iowa, Alabama and Washington in the national championship game.

This has pretty much shown how strong the team really is and their level of commitment on the gridiron. Michigan is 35-1 in the regular season over the last three seasons and they’ve won the last three Big Ten championships while also reaching the playoffs in all three seasons.

Is Jim Harbaugh’s time at Michigan over?

Jim Harbaugh’s future at Michigan has been a topic of discussion within the college football world in recent weeks. There is speculation that the coach could be considering a return to the professional league amid the ongoing sign-stealing investigation of the Wolverines.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Michigan has presented Harbaugh with a 10-year contract offer totaling $125 million, positioning him among the highest-paid coaches in college football, placing him in the league of Alabama’s Nick Saban and Georgia’s Kirby Smart.

However, it remains uncertain whether the coach will accept the offer or explore opportunities in the NFL. He’s so far been linked with the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Chargers.

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