Staging Firm Vesta Homes sues Nightfall Group for Non-Payment


Legal troubles continue to mount for short-term rental impresario The Nightfall Group and its founder Mokhtar Jabli.

Los Angeles-based Vesta Homes, a well-known staging company that prepares the interior of luxury mansions before they list for sale, has filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging Nightfall Group has breached its contract and refused to pay for staging and design services and a leasing agreement for furniture.

Starting in 2019, Vesta delivered goods and services to Nightfall’s luxury short-term rental locations, and the company racked up a bill of more than $116,000. 

“No part of said sum has been paid, although demand for payment has been made,” alleges the complaint. Vesta is demanding payment of the $116,000 that Nightfall allegedly agreed to pay, as well as interest accrued to the bill and attorneys’ fees. 

Jabli did not answer an email requesting comment on the Vesta complaint. Vesta’s lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd F. Haines did not return a phone call requesting comment.

The Vesta Homes dispute joins a list of lawsuits against Nightfall Group and Jabli. Last year, the Beverly Hills-based firm and Jabli were sued by several partners over development deals for short-term rentals. The company also was sued by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for allegedly creating public nuisances at party houses in the Hollywood Hills. 

The city attorney’s complaint alleges that Nightfall was a repeat offender against the city’s short-term rental ordinance, as well as its party house ordinance. The city attorney said the Los Angeles Police Department responded to more than 250 complaints about Nightfall party homes in Hollywood from 2021 to 2023. 

A preliminary injunction hearing for the city attorney’s case is scheduled for March.

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