Former WWE champion to officially become the next Rey Mysterio, according to Tommy Dreamer


WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio has captivated the WWE Universe for almost three decades with his innovative Lucha Libre moves, high-flying acrobatics, and unwavering underdog spirit.

Well, pro wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer certainly draws a powerful comparison, lauding a former NXT North American Champion to officially carry The Master of 619’s torch in the future.

On this week’s WWE NXT, Dragon Lee successfully defended his North American title against Lexis King. However, Men’s Breakout Tournament winner Oba Femi saw the opportunity after the contest and cashed in his contract to become the new champion.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Busted Open Radio, Dreamer spoke in volumes about the 28-year-old star’s talent and potential, recognizing his recent performance on NXT. The 52-year-old legend acknowledged Lee for putting up a fight against Femi despite already having a match.

Tommy Dreamer suggested that Dragon Lee has the potential to become the next Rey Mysterio, as both wrestlers are known for their high-flying Lucha Libre style and ability to connect with the audience.

“Excellent showing as always [for] Dragon Lee. I think he’s going to be, if he continues, he’ll be the next Rey Mysterio for the WWE. He’s got a world of potential to continue to get over with the WWE Universe,” Dreamer said. [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]

Rey Mysterio heaped praises on Dragon Lee

Lee and the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion first met during a backstage segment on Friday Night SmackDown in July 2023.

At the Deadline event in December 2023, the 28-year-old star dethroned Dominik Mysterio to win the NXT North American Championship, with The Master of 619 sitting at ringside.

During a recent appearance on Bakers Bantering, Rey Mysterio endorsed Dragon Lee as the future of Lucha Libre:

“I endorse, myself, Dragon Lee, to be the next superstar within WWE that’s a luchador. It’s been quite awhile. We’ve had several luchadors in WWE that have been given opportunities, but Dragon Lee is captivating and taking full advantage of this opportunity. He already beat Dominik for the North American Title. You can already see he’s going very big,” he said.

Check out the full video below:


As of now, the 49-year-old WWE legend is on a hiatus following knee surgery. Mysterio hopes to make his return at the 2024 Royal Rumble on January 27 and promises to get revenge on Santos Escobar for his actions.

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