ROSS 49¢ Sale Starts Jan. 22, 2024 (+ Store Shopping Hacks!)


The 2024 ROSS 49¢ clearance sale supposedly starts 1/22! Here’s what you need to know!

A ROSS Dress For Less storefront with sign

Bargain hunters be prepared! The 2024 ROSS 49¢ sale is near.

Do you love nothing more than finding an amazing steal of a deal? If so, get your shopping cart ready! Rumor has it that the annual, unofficial ROSS 49¢ sale is starting on January 22, 2024.

Even better, some of the ROSS Dress for Less stores have started discounting products already. That means you might have already spotted the 49¢ hot pink clearance tags appearing on store merchandise!

Finding items with that special hot pink tag may take some effort. Start where you see red clearance signs and look through the racks closely.

Though the sale is technically an “unofficial” one, these tags tend to pop up every year around this time. In the past, shoppers have seen clothing, jewelry, holiday items, lotions, and coloring books all discounted to 49¢.

A ROSS 49¢ sale hot pink clearance tag

The deals available may vary between ROSS stores across the country…

Whether you find a 49¢ tag or not, you’re sure to see heavily discounted items throughout December and January.

Dates and deals may vary by location, but stores nationwide will slash prices to unload last year’s inventory.

You may spot new sale and clearance items every day. If you have your heart set on snagging these rock-bottom prices, we suggest checking the racks before the unofficial ROSS 49¢ sale starts and checking again afterward.

Shoppers report finding these ROSS deals last year:

  • Tommy Hilfiger Baby Sets – $1.99
  • Jumping Beans’ Girls Floral Top – $1.49
  • Long Winter Puffer Coat with Removable Hood – $14.99
  • Nike Fuzzy Sweatshirts – $3.99
  • Calvin Klein Jeans – $2.99
  • American Rag Jeans – $3.99

The shoe department of a ROSS dress for less store, a place that hosts the ROSS 49¢ sale

If you haven’t shopped at ROSS before, the store carries some major brand names for affordable prices.

Browse the ROSS racks and you’ll spot designers like Kate Spade, Nautica, Puma, Levi, and Guess. Even better, most items are 20% – 60% cheaper than offered at department stores!

ROSS has a large selection too! The stores are full of trendy clothing, shoes, jewelry, artwork, home goods, and more. The selection changes regularly, so make sure to take your time and browse the racks.

To get the most out of your trip to ROSS, you’ll want to be aware of some ROSS store shopping hacks and savings tips. Besides the ROSS 49¢ sale, here are our favorite ways to save at ROSS!

Save more with these ROSS shopping tips:

Hand holding a sales price tag from ROSS Dress for Less

1. Shop “Senior Tuesday” at ROSS stores.

Those 55 or older can save 10% at ROSS every single Tuesday. This offer may vary by location so check with your store before heading over.

2. Be aware of “Markdown Mondays.”

Monday seems to be the day that ROSS stores markdown items. Shop Monday or early Tuesday to scoop these items before someone else does!  Store managers may have their Monday markdown list by Sunday. It doesn’t hurt to ask a store manager which markdowns to expect for the week.

Person on computer entering the ROSS Customer Satisfaction Survey

3. Enter the ROSS sweepstakes using the code on your receipt.

ROSS hosts a sweepstakes every month where they award one grand prize and 5 second place prizes. Submit your receipt number to their sweepstakes website to enter. You can win up to $1,000!

4. Look for discounted items outside the clearance section.

Some deals might not be in the clearance section or marked with a giant “clearance” sign. Browse racks throughout the store and you might find heavily discounted items that you weren’t expecting!

These discounts don’t just happen during the ROSS 49¢ sale. You can find discounts of 20% – 60% year-round!

hand holding a Valentine's Day Mug found at ROSS

5. Be aware that inventory changes regularly.

ROSS updates inventory on the regular. When you see a great deal, scoop it up as it’s not guaranteed to be there next time. Likewise, if you didn’t find what you were looking for one week, you might just find it the following one. Carve out time to visit the store so you can really look through the merchandise.

6. Keep an eye out for tags marked “Irregular.”

Every once in awhile, you’ll spot an “irregular” item. This means that the product did not meet the manufacturer guidelines. Sometimes these may be defective products that you should avoid buying, but other times the irregularity is minimal and you can score a great price for the item.

A rack of slippers at a ROSS Dress for Less store, which often hosts the ROSS 49¢ sale

7. Shop early to snag the brand names.

Brand name items that have been discounted tend to fly off the shelves. The earlier you can hit up the store, the better, and if you can, shop during the week when the store is less crowded.

8. Sign up for emails to get store news.

Register for the ROSS email list and you might just get special offers or updates on merchandise.

woman holding open wallet full of credit cards

9. Always shopping at ROSS? A store credit card gives you 5% back in ROSS Rewards.

We usually DON’T recommend opening up store credit cards. However, if you are a ROSS regular, you can get 5% back in ROSS Rewards. You’ll also snag 10% off a Ross Dress for Less purchase.

10. Know the ROSS return policy.

Software that has been opened and merchandise that has been used, worn, or altered are not eligible for a refund, exchange, or store credit.

That being said, if you don’t love an item you bought or you found it for less, you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund. Just bring in your ID and original receipt.

Returns made without a receipt must be approved by the system (make sure to bring in a Valid ID). Upon approval, you will be given a store credit or exchange at the current retail price.

Merchandise returned after 30 days – receipt or not – will be exchanged or credited with a store credit.

Hip Tip: Avoid paying for items via check. Those who pay via check must wait 5 days after a return before funds will be released.

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