25 Expert Predictions on What to Expect in 2024 [Infographic]


What do you think will be the big tech trends of 2024?

Generative AI looks set to gain more momentum, but what will that mean for everyday users? VR adoption is slowly rising, but what about AR, and the next stage of digital connection? Will X shut down? Will TikTok be banned?

There are many questions, and nobody knows for sure how everything’s going to play out, but the team from Visual Capitalist have put together a listing of the most common predictions, from over 700 analysts, as to what they believe we’ll see in the next 12 months.

Among their digital marketing-related forecasts:

  • TikTok will lead the way in social eCommerce – This isn’t a huge swing, given that TikTok is already the leading social commerce app. The question is whether TikTok will be able to parlay that behavior into shopping in-stream.
  • There’ll be an AI deepfake election scandal – AI-created elements are already being used by politicians, and it seems inevitable that AI will play some role in the upcoming U.S. election. Most platforms are already putting measures in place to combat this.
  • Lots of lawsuits and regulation around AI – The line between IP and public access has been blurred by AI tools, which use human-created content to fuel their systems. Expect this to be a big focus as AI tools continue to bring in cash.
  • Apple launches AI in its products – It’ll be interesting to see how Apple looks to take the AI leap, and I would expect this to happen this year.
  • Generative AI’s next wave is text-to-video – This is already incoming, with Meta and YouTube making advanced progress on tools that will enable users to create video clips from prompts.

It’s interesting to consider what the key trends will be, and how broader geopolitical shifts will impact different elements.

You can check out Visual Capitalist’s full overview of 2024 predictions here.

2024 Predictions infographic

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