Dramatic Ice Rescue of Men & Dog at Hinkley Reservoir, Herkimer County


Ranger Bills during Hinckley Reservoir rescue in Jan 2024On Saturday, January 13, at about 11:30 am, Forest Ranger Aimee Bills responded to a report of a dog that had fallen through the ice at Hinkley Reservoir in the town of Russia, Herkimer County, NY. The dog’s owner, a 59-year-old man from nearby Cold Brook, saw his dog fall through the ice and went after the animal in a kayak, which then overturned.

Meanwhile, a 42-year-old Good Samaritan from Cold Harbor was nearby and witnessed what was happening., He grabbed a second kayak and rope to pull the dog’s owner to shore as the dog struggled in the water.

The Good Samaritan returned and successfully loaded the dog into his kayak when Ranger Bills arrived, but the man was so cold he couldn’t move.

Ranger Bills put on ice rescue gear, brought a personal flotation device to the rescuer, and hooked a rope onto the kayak. Newport Fire Department and New York State Fire brought in water technicians and a rescue boat.

Rescue crews pulled the second kayak safely ashore with the first rescuer and the dog.

The rescue was completed, with the help of the Barneveld and Poland Fire Departments, by about 12:30 pm.

Later, at 9 pm, Ray Brook Dispatch received a call from a hiker who had fallen into the water approximately 2.7 miles from the Northville-Placid trailhead in North Elba, Essex County.

The 26-year-old from Brooklyn was able to get out of the water and back on the trail but was too cold to continue moving. At about 9:42 pm, Forest Rangers Corey, DuChene, and Rooney reached the hiker, warmed him, and helped him back to the trailhead.

Photo of Ranger Aimee Bills and one of those rescued provided by DEC.

Read past Forest Ranger search and rescue reports here.

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