Atlanta airport employee fired, fights managers and swings chair


Caffeine-fueled rage!

A fired Atlanta Airport coffee shop employee was caught on video attacking two of her former managers, picking up a chair and screaming at them as she stormed off before police showed up during a viral moment over the weekend.

Shacoria Elly, a former barista at Harvest & Grounds inside Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, had gotten angry during an argument she had with a co-worker about espresso shots shortly before noon on Jan. 13, according to a police report obtained by Fox 5 Atlanta.

As the video began, Elly could be heard screaming for her stuff to be returned while some of the store’s items, including a fruit cup, were spilled on the ground.

“Give me my stuff!” she yelled.

One of the store’s managers, wearing a red polo shirt, then pushed her away from the counter, according to a video shared with the X account Clown World.

The irate woman tries for a second time to get behind the counter but is again blocked by the two managers before she starts wailing her arms at the second, much taller man, as two other workers stand behind the counter.

“Bitch!” Elly screamed as she swiftly grabbed a nearby stool.

While the one man takes the chair out of Elly’s path, she attacks the first manager, who again stops her from getting behind the counter, before slamming her to the ground.

Elly is then held from behind while still shouting for her “stuff” during the scuffle.

Shacoria Elly fights one of the managers of Harvest & Grounds inside Concourse D at Hartfield-Jackson International Airport on Jan. 13, 2024. X
Elly slaps one of the managers, who absorbed the hit before blocking the woman from getting behind the counter. X

The distressed worker then slaps the taller manager, who absorbs the hit and calmly steps in between Elly and the counter.

Elly walked away from the incident before she changed her mind and sprinted back into the shop and hurdled over the counter to retrieve her items.

Her plan backfired as she was quickly wrapped up by one of the managers again, but her arms were still free, allowing her to grab a metal pan and attempt to hit the man on the head. She missed and instead hit his back, creating a large-sounding bang.

As she went for another attempt to get behind the counter, Elly was slammed to the ground by one of the managers. X
The taller of the two managers smoothly removed a chair from Elly’s hands before she could use it during the brawl. X

As the two managers struggled to get Elly out from behind the counter, the one in the red shirt yelled to the forming crowd in the concourse and asked if someone was calling the police.

Elly is finally released as she runs out from behind the counter with her “stuff” which appears to be a jacket and her bag.

As she attempted to run from the store, she tripped over herself and fell to the ground.

Elly recovered herself and ran out before airport security or Atlanta police arrived at the shop.

Elly hurdled herself over the counter in yet another attempt to get to her belongings. X
Elly storms out of the store with her jacket and bag before the Atlanta police or airport security arrived on Jan. 13, 2024. X

According to the police report, Elly had been “terminated from her position” and already had her airport badge confiscated by security.

Police have not charged the disgruntled employee with any crimes, according to WAGA-TV.

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