DoubleVerify Expands Assurance Partnership with Meta


Meta advertisers will now be able to access an extra level of assurance over their ad placement, with data measurement platform DoubleVerify announcing an expansion of its partnership with the social media giant, which will now see DV offer brand safety and suitability coverage for Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels.

DoubleVerify provides brand safety and performance assurance, based on its monitoring of ad campaigns within partner apps. Through this expanded partnership, DV will now be able to offer ad partners third-party verification of Meta ad placement.

DoubleVerify already provides viewability assurance for Facebook and Instagram Reels campaigns.

As per DoubleVerify:

“With this release, global advertisers will be able to independently authenticate campaign quality and protect their brand equity within these engaging, user-generated media environments. By bringing DV’s brand safety and suitability solution to Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels, DV now provides comprehensive measurement for media buys on Meta across multiple devices, placements and formats.”

Amid rising questions about brand safety, and the true performance, and reach of campaigns, platforms like DoubleVerify offer more assurance for ad partners that their promotions are indeed being delivered as they would expect across social platforms.

DoubleVerify utilizes AI-powered classification technology to monitor and measure ad content performance, which enables marketers to track specific elements of their campaign placement to avoid unwanted association.

Of course, Meta also provides various brand safety control options, including block lists and topic exclusions. But DoubleVerify will now provide a means to ensure that it adheres to your chosen parameters, maximizing safety.

It essentially ensures that Meta’s holding up its end of the bargain, and that it is applying your chosen settings as expected. And it might also highlight flaws in your ad setup, which could mean that you’re missing certain placement measures.

Either way, it’s another tool to help maximize brand safety, which could be helpful in your approach.  

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