How to get your ‘daylist’ on Spotify


Are you more of a “yearning and melodramatic” Tuesday morning person or a “dance energy” Tuesday morning person? Whichever it is, Spotify knows and has an ever-evolving playlist for you.

Today (Sept. 12), the streaming platform launched “daylist,” yet another way for it to recommend music to its listeners. Unlike Niche Mixes and AI DJ, daylist is a singular playlist that updates and changes throughout the day to accommodate your listening habits. Because the music you listen to during the morning commute rush might not be the same music you want to listen to when it’s time for a mid-afternoon walk or an evening wind-down.

According to Spotify, “daylist updates frequently, bringing together the niche music and microgenres you typically stream at certain times of the day and week. You’ll get new tracks at every update, plus a new title that sets the mood of your daylist,” a spokesperson told Mashable.

To listen to daylist, search “daylist” on Spotify and find out what that specific day and time reveals about your listening habits. For example, Spotify informed me that my music on Monday afternoons leans “cinematic” and “wistful” and populated my daylist with boygenius and their solo music. Its title was “yearning wistful Monday afternoon.” Of the 50 songs it recommended, I knew 33 and there was only one by an artist I’d never listened to before.

This new ephemeral feature suggests that Spotify is still looking for new ways to monopolize your time spent on the platform. They’re hoping this one will keep you coming back for more.

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