Samsung Galaxy phones deals: S22 and S23 models on sale after Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024


It has been *checks notes* one week since Samsung unveiled a load of consumer tech products like disappearing TVs, 8K projectors, and robotics (vacuum or otherwise) at CES 2024. But that wasn’t all of the new consumer tech stuff that Samsung has to offer this year — or even this month. Jan. 17 marks the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, where the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone is the star.

The physical design of the new Galaxy S24 remains largely unchanged from the S23, but there are several spec upgrades that make this drop so large. While Mashable’s Stan Schroeder asserts that Apple is setting the standard for phones this year after years of living in Samsung’s shadow, three Galaxy S24 features stand out as iPhone 15 Pro Max beaters: 120 FPS video capture, a slightly better display, and AI (if you’re someone who cares about AI). The new Galaxy S24 starts at $799.99, the Galaxy S24+ starts at $999.99, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at $1,299.99.

However, if you’re not one to pay full price for the latest iteration of a Galaxy just because it’s new, your options for upgrading are likely still better during or after Unpacked. Older versions of tech devices often go on sale after their successors come out. Here, we’re tracking the best deals on 2022 and 2023 Samsung Galaxy phones live as Samsung makes room for the S24:

While the $100 discount on this FE model matches the $100 discount on an unlocked Galaxy 23 Ultra, the better deal lies in the context: The Galaxy S23 Ultra is $100 off $999.99 (10% off) while the Galaxy FE is $100 off $599.99 (17% off).

Even as the more basic version of Samsung’s flagship phone, the S23 FE is still a steal because it’s solid in the spec categories that count: its 8 Gen 1 chip (the same that powers the Galaxy S22 phones) is enough for most mobile gaming and more than enough for running many apps at once, its tri-camera system is crisp, and it’s both sturdy and stylish.

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