Shocking video captures former ESPN sportscaster being ejected from RV onto Calif. highway


Harrowing video captured the moment a former ESPN sportscaster was ejected from his RV on a busy California highway after his wife fell asleep at the wheel and struck a divider.

Cordell Patrick was traveling with his wife north on the 14 Freeway in Newhall to their home in Valencia on Monday when she fell asleep at the wheel just as he got up to use the toilet, KTLA reported.

“I had just unbuckled my seat belt. It was only unbuckled for five seconds,” Patrick told the outlet.

“I noticed my wife had dozed off, so instead of going straight, we were headed toward the median. I tried grabbing the steering wheel, but before I could grab it we already had impact,” he said.

The motorhome struck the divider at about 60 mph, sending Patrick tumbling out a window and onto the opposite lanes.

Chilling dashcam video captured by another vehicle shows the RV grinding against the divider as Patrick rolls on the pavement after being flung about 170 feet across the road amid heavy traffic.

“All I’m thinking about is that I’m going to get hit by a car,” he told the outlet. “I’m on one of the busiest freeways in LA County so what was going through my mind was, ‘I’ll be dead shortly.’”

A white SUV can be seen swerving to avoid striking the former ESPN sportscaster, who was severely injured.

SUV swerving past the man
A white SUV swerves to avoid running over Patrick, who lies seriously injured. @1967dodgedart

“I just dragged myself and then I leaned up my back against the median until help could come and help came pretty quick,” he told the station.

Another motorist, Alf Smithey, pulled over when he saw the shocking scene.

“I noticed the guy is laying in the road still,” he recounted to KTLA. “I was just trying to keep cars away from him. He was all the way there [conscious]. That was the shocking part.

Patrick lies along the median
A passing motorist stopped to help Patrick, who was conscious throughout the ordeal. @1967dodgedart

“I asked him his name, I asked him all kinds of stuff and he was all the way there. He knew he broke his arm, he knew he broke his leg,” he said.

Patrick broke several bones, dislocated his shoulder and required 17 stitches on his head. He was also left with a rash covering about 60 percent of his body, according to the outlet.

But he said he’s thankful to have miraculously survived the freak accident.

“It was divine intervention,” Patrick told KTLA. “If you didn’t think there was a higher power before this, I’m a living witness and I’ve got a living testimony to tell.”

His wife and their pooch were unharmed in the accident, which left their RV largely destroyed.

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