Drone footage shows Iceland volcano eruption near Grindavík


On Jan. 14, Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted for the second time since December, when intense seismic activity prompted evacuations in the nearby town of Grindavík.

Following the new eruption, an earth crack opened around 450 meters from the town and lava from the fissure reached Grindavík, destroying several houses and damaging some local infrastructure. At the time of the eruption, residents had been evacuated, and the prompt assembly of protective barriers stopped the lava from inflicting further damage on the town.

Though the volcanic activity seemed to settle down post-eruption, the Iceland Met Office (IMO) warned on Jan. 17 that magma is still accumulating below the surface, making eruptions through the fresh fissures still a possibility.

The drone footage was captured by aerial photographer Björn Steinbekk.

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