Fortnite Rocket Racing leaks suggest new cosmetics in development


According to the latest Fortnite Rocket Racing leaks, Epic Games will create more content for the mode. Based on the information at hand, new cosmetic types are currently in development. Given that Rocket Racing is supposed to be a permanent feature in-game, this makes a lot of sense. More cosmetics equals more sales in the Item Shop.

That being said, although the Fortnite Rocket Racing leaks indicate that things are in development, there is no timeline in place. As the mode was released just over a month ago, adding new cosmetic types will take some time.

In the meantime, here is all the information available about these recent developments.

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Fortnite Rocket Racing leaks suggest three new cosmetic types in development by Epic Games

According to the leaked information, at least three new cosmetic types are currently in development for Rocket Racing. These include Car Boosters, Drift Smoke, and, of course, Engine Audios.

Once Car Boosters and Drift Smoke are added to the game, they will make each car feel more personal. Additionally, they will add to the overall level of customization that is available in-game. Players will be able to add a more personal touch to their cars. As always, these will be limited to cosmetic changes only. It will not affect the performance of the car in any way.

Meanwhile, Engine Audios will soon become a major talking point for the community. Being able to change how your car sounds will be something new in many ways. Although Emotes are cosmetics that have sound attached to them, Engine Audios will be very unique.

Other players will be able to hear what your car sounds like when revving it up. This could be used to intimidate players to a certain extent. In fact, it could have the same effect in the Rocket Racing mode as “Sweaty Skins” do in the Battle Royale mode.

When could Car Boosters, Drift Smoke, and Engine Audios be added to the Rocket Racing mode?

While the recent Fortnite Rocket Racing leaks provide an insight into what Epic Games is working on, there is no timeline in place. As such, it’s unclear when these new cosmetics could be added to the game. Given that Rocket Racing is still relatively new, it could be a while.

According to speculation, they could be added sometime in Chapter 5 Season 2. This would be the likely timeline since Epic Games usually adds things at the start of a new season. They could even be introduced via the next Fortnite Battle Pass, in the same way car cosmetics were introduced in Chapter 5 Season 1.

That being said, with the current season still in play, more Fortnite Rocket Racing leaks should surface sooner or later. Leakers/data miners and/or insiders will provide more information as and when it comes to light.

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