Meta Launches New Creator Management Tools to Facilitate Links Between Talent and Talent Managers


Meta’s launching a range of new creator management tools within its Business Suite, which will provide more ways for agencies to manage their talent across Meta’s apps.

And with more creators seeking to monetize their audience, creator management businesses are on the rise, providing a valuable, centralized connection option to facilitate more brand sponsorship deals.

Meta’s creator management options will streamline this process, by giving agencies access to analytics, profile tools, and more, while also still maintaining separation between user profiles and the business.

As explained by Meta:

Many creators depend on agencies to manage their accounts across various platforms, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating content. We recognize that tools can streamline the engagement between creators and agencies on Facebook, helping agencies efficiently manage creators at scale.”

Meta’s creator management tools include a range of key functions, including:

  • Permission management: Search creator pages and send them a request to link their assets to your business.
  • Access management: Manage permissions at the creator page level by assigning only necessary permissions to each content manager.
  • Revenue linking: Send a request to creators to link your payment account to specific monetization products (Video ads breaks, Live video stars, Fan Subscriptions, Ads on Facebook Reels). The income generated will be directed to the agency’s payout account, allowing for consolidation of payment outside of Facebook in line with your contractual agreements.
  • Import existing connections: Migrate existing shared assets from Business Manager into Creator Management Tools.
  • Terminate ongoing relationships: Request a termination of an existing relationship with the creator.
  • Earnings insights: Gain insights into a creator’s page earnings to help shape content strategies.

The capacity to manage such within Meta’s tools will make it much easier for agencies to maintain business cooperation across Meta’s apps, facilitating more equitable and streamlined business partnerships.

And Meta, of course, is very keen to maximize creator opportunities, in order to further align top talent to its apps.

The misnomer of the “creator economy” is that anyone can make money from their content, which isn’t really true, especially when you consider that more than 50% of monetizing online creators make less than $500 per month from their efforts.

Creating good, engaging content, consistently, takes talent in itself, while the business side can also be challenging, especially for creators who aren’t natural marketers as well.

Which is most of them, which is why creator managers can provide significant value, and over time, it does seem like this will become the more common way for creators to elevate their earnings potential in social apps.

If that sounds like you, then these tools could end up becoming a significant part of your business.

You can learn more about Meta’s new creator management options here.

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