Netanyahu tells US he opposes Palestinian state in any postwar scenario


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he has informed the United States that he opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state as part of any postwar scenario.

The announcement on Thursday exposed the deep divisions that have emerged between the close allies three months into Israel’s war against Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

Benjamin Netanyahu said he rejects any plans for a Palestinian after the war is done. REUTERS
The U.S. has been pushing for the establishment of a Palestinian state following Hamas’ defeat. AFP via Getty Images
Netanyahu vowed to keep pushing with the offensive. MOHAMMED SABER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The U.S. has called on Israel to scale back its offensive and said that the establishment of a Palestinian state should be part of the “day after.”

In a nationally broadcast news conference, Netanyahu vowed to press ahead with the offensive until Israel realizes a “decisive victory over Hamas.” He also rejected the idea of Palestinian statehood. He said he had relayed his positions to the Americans.

“In any future arrangement … Israel needs security control all territory west of the Jordan,” Netanyahu told a nationally broadcast news conference. “This collides with the idea of sovereignty. What can you do?”

“The prime minister needs to be capable of saying no to our friends,” he added.

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