“So Rory McIlroy’s okay because he’s on your Ryder Cup Team” – Fans react to Ian Poulter calling out ‘two-faced’ players for changed LIV Golf stance


LIV golfer Ian Poulter posted an Instagram story on Tuesday and attacked unnamed golfers for being “two-faced” and changing their stance as per the situation. However, he later came up with another story to clarify that his comments were not directed at Rory McIlroy.

On Tuesday, January 16, the 48-year-old Englishman posted a note on his Instagram story, taking a dig without naming anyone. He said:

“Being two faced is a terrible trait… I’d be embarrassed having to change my story now and come out and try and look smart. I’m happy to sit down and have it out. I will happily say it as it is. Enough of the Bulls**t.”

Many fans assumed that Poulter’s comments were directed toward his former Ryder Cup teammate, McIlroy, especially given the latter’s recent shift in tone towards LIV Golf. Upon realizing this, the Englishman posted another story to clarify things. He wrote:

“Just for clarity I applaud Rory McIlroy for his comments a few weeks ago. It takes a lot to say the things he said. Nothing that can’t be fixed over a good cup of coffee. It’s the others who blatantly choose to try and NOW become hero’s all of a sudden. You have to kidding me. That will NOT be fixed over a coffee.”

Fans online had mixed reactions to Poulter’s comments. While a few agreed with his statements, many didn’t buy into his words. Here are some of the reactions:

“So Rory’s okay because he’s on your Ryder Cup Team but the others should be ashamed? That’s 💩”

“Poulter insinuating that the LIV guys have looked smart whatsoever during anything that’s happened in these last few years is certainly a take. The arrogance of some of these dead fish that took money bc they couldn’t earn it with their play anymore is really something. Gross.”

“the game of golf peaked on November 1st, 2023”

“Two faced was the players who pledged their loyalty and commitment via statements to the PGA and then left for LIV the moment a larger offer came in”

“I love this guy. He is saying the truth !”

“Golf channel and other pro pgat media that slandered LIV players at every opportunity.”

“Ian poulter is a legend – they called him a terrorist supporter for making the switch to LIV – by the same two faced people now scrambling to do a deal with the PIF”

“Well… he’s not wrong! Rory was a massive PGA Tour SIMP hating LIV mouthpiece until Rahm left.”

“Being greedy, and two faced pretending to grow the game is far worse.”

What’s next for Ian Poulter?

Ian Poulter will return to action next month as the new LIV Golf season kicks off with the LIV Golf Mayakoba. For the second consecutive year, the season opener will take place at El Camaleón Golf Club in Mexico.

So far, neither the three-time PGA Tour winner nor his team has achieved anything significant on the Saudi-backed circuit. The Majesticks GC finished 11th in the season standings, with none of its four players finishing inside the top 20.

Edited by Shobhit Kukreti

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