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If the latest rumors are true, the EA FC 24 TOTY Unsung Hero Evolution will be coming to Ultimate Team. Reliable leaker FUT Police Leaks had already hinted at least two such evolutions coming during the TOTY events, and the details of one of them are now available. While EA Sports can always make changes to the details posted here, these leaks are usually indicative of what’s to come.

Evolutions have been a brilliant addition to Ultimate Team this year, offering plenty of different ways to upgrade cards. From bronze items to icons, the evolutions so far have been varied and offer plenty of different ways for the community to get useful upgrades. The upcoming EA FC 24 TOTY Unsung Hero Evolution could do the same.

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When will the EA FC 24 TOTY Unsung Hero Evolution be released?

As of now, the exact date remains unconfirmed since EA Sports hasn’t revealed anything officially. However, this evolution is expected to be released during the opening night of the promo, which is on January 19. This is the same date when the first set of promo cards will be made available in packs.

Interestingly, the rumored requirements suggest that this evolution will be applicable to CMs. Midfielders are expected to be available in packs between January 21 and January 23. Hence, the EA FC 24 TOTY Unsung Hero Evolution could also become available on January 21.

As of now, readers are advised not to draw any conclusions regarding this evolution’s release date. It’s best to wait for the official confirmation from EA Sports.

All EA FC 24 TOTY Unsung Hero requirements

As with every evolution, the upcoming one will also have certain requirements. These requirements determine which cards can be selected as possible candidates to receive all the upgrades.

  • OVR MAX 79
  • PACE MAX 79
  • DRI MAX 77
  • PHY MAX 77
  • Position CM
  • PS+ MAX 0

All EA FC 24 Unsung Hero Evolution upgrades


While the upgrade challenges are yet to be revealed, here are all the possible upgrades a card could receive:

  • WF +1
  • Playstyles: Pinged pass, Anticipate, Long Ball pass
  • OVR +11
  • PACE +6
  • SHO +9
  • PAS +11
  • DRI +10
  • DEF +10

It’s worth noting that these requirements and upgrades could change during the official release. Hence, readers are advised against making any investment decisions based on them. Moreover, the leak also suggests that this will be a paid evolution, requiring 75,000 coins or 350 FC Points.

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