Apple employees can buy the Vision Pro at a 25 percent discount


Apple’s VR headset (or spatial computer, as the company calls it), the Vision Pro, is a very expensive piece of kit, starting at $3,499.

But Apple employees can apparently get it cheaper, though perhaps not as cheap as they hoped for.

According to Bloomberg, Apple sent out a memo to employees telling them they’re eligible for a 25 percent discount on the Vision Pro. That would take the headset’s price down to the somewhat more digestible number of $2,624.

However, the same report claims that Apple typically offers a 50 percent discount to employees on its own product, such as the Apple Watch and the HomePod. A silver lining: Apple will also reimburse the cost of prescription lenses for the Vision Pro.

Bloomberg’s report also claims that Apple sent a video to employees, showing the company’s executives talking about the product’s development, as well as potential growth areas. Reportedly, Apple sees health care, training and education as key uses for the product.

The Vision Pro becomes available for pre-order today, January 19, and it hits the stores on February 2.

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