Huawei says about 5,000 native HarmonyOS apps coming this year


During its HarmonyOS Ecosystem development event, Huawei’s President of Device Cloud announced that the HarmonyOS NEXT software system marks the second stage of development. By the end of 2024, the company expects an additional 5,000 native apps to hit the HarmonyOS app store.

Huawei About 5,000 native HarmonyOS apps coming this year

Huawei plans to partner up with other enterprises as well as educational institutes and train more than 100,000 developers every month to stimulate the HarmonyOS app ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Huawei hopes to exceed 500,000 native apps for HarmonyOS in the near future. For reference, Apple’s App Store hit 1.78 million apps in 2022, so Huawei’s app store still has a long way to go.

HarmonyOS NEXT comes with a new UI and its own UI toolkit, SDK, and compiler. It’s the first release of HarmonyOS that has nothing to do with Android anymore, per the company’s words.


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