“I did mention to them ‘Let Him Cook’”


Min Woo Lee will debut as a Lululemon ambassador at The American Express 2024 this week. The golfer, who is also debuting as a PGA Tour member at the event, announced the clothing deal a few days ago. The 25-year-old split with Korean clothing brand Amazing Cre to sign with the new style partner.

Ahead of the competition, Lee had earlier noted that he is ‘excited’ to partner with the company as they bring his “sense of fun and freshness” to the game. Now, the golfer has revealed that he is bringing in some unique design tweaks to the clothing at the event. The Aussie golfer said he’d mentioned adding ‘Let Him Cook’ on the inside of the shirts, referencing his meme-esque catchphrase.

Talking about his involvement in the design process of his new apparel, Lee said that he added his motto to the clothes he “want to wear and feel good in.”

Talking ahead of his debut with Lululemon, Min Woo Lee was quoted as saying by PGATOUR.com:

“The materials, what I want to feel on the golf course, they (Lululemon) have a pretty great vision of what I want. They’ve already brought out clothes that I want to wear and feel good in… I’m ready to look good on the course and hopefully I play good.”

Under Lululemon shirts, you’ll notice there’s a little motto written on the fabric – looking at that slogan right before you put it on – it motivates you… I did mention to them that ‘Let Him Cook’ on the inside of the shirts would be pretty awesome… I feel like I’ve forged my way a little bit. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid to play on the PGA TOUR and play in America,” he added.

It is pertinent to note that Lee is already famous for his unique sense of fashion. The mock necks from ImagineCre, his former clothing sponsor, had brought some attention to Lee. The golfer’s fashion choice can be summed up with three Ms – mock necks, mustaches, and mullets.

“If I debut something like (the mock neck with Lululemon) – I think it’s going to look pretty neat. I don’t think it’s going to be as controversial as (Jason Day’s) pants, but I’m hopefully going to play well and make a name for the golfing side of Lululemon. Hopefully (the mock neck) will be coming out soon and I’ll be wearing it on the course,” Min Woo Lee added.

Min Woo Lee to debut with Lululemon at The American Express

It is pertinent to note that Min Woo Lee’s debut as a PGA Tour member at The American Express also marks the fashion brand’s entry into the circuit. According to reports, the foundations of the Aussie’s partnership with Lululemon were laid at the 2023 US Open.

For many, Luluemon is a yoga brand embraced primarily by women. However, Lee has dubbed the brand ‘simultaneously unconventional and down-to-earth.’ The three-time DP World Tour winner looks elated by his choice of apparel sponsorship.

Having signed a deal with the company earlier this month, Min Woo Lee said the quality of Lululemon’s golf collection was “smart, clean, and stylish,” just like how he wanted his clothes to be.

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