LeBron James inadvertently tackling Kyrie Irving has NBA Twitter going berserk 


Former teammates LeBron James and Kyrie Irving had a major collision early in the LA Lakers’ game against Dallas on Wednesday that saw Irving taken to the locker room after to be checked. The Mavericks guard was able to return minutes later and finish the game.

The incident happened with over seven minutes left in the opening quarter of the Lakers’ 127-110 victory over the Mavericks at home. Dallas rookie center Derck Lively threw an outlet pass to Irving near the halfcourt with James attempting to make a steal.

“The King”, however, inadvertently hit Irving while airborne, causing the latter to hit the ground hard. LeBron James immediately checked on his former teammate.

Irving was taken to their locker room to be checked but returned to the bench shortly after.

The collision caught the attention of NBA fans, who gave their take on it on social media, with some drawing reference from the two superstars’ love-hate relationship during the tail end of their successful tandem in Cleveland.

Below are what some of them wrote on X, former Twitter:

@jonny_wheeler wrote: Bron been waiting 8 years for that hit

@ishfromtwitt3r wrote: Bron been watching tooo much nfl

@rjeffersonhair wrote: Kyrie was in the way

@EnteiSimba wrote: Still not over Kyrie leaving him low key. Remember he took out Hayward opening night back in 2017-18! Will never forget!

@Enzonastyy wrote: Kyrie when he sees Lebron next time

@Gokublue001 wrote: that was not basketball play. you can’t cut someone’s legs when they are in the air.

@BurnerCashout wrote: Hope he okay Lebron didn’t do it on purpose tho

@bailuoboo wrote: Honestly. That’s was surprisingly unnecessary from bron

@gladz1690 wrote: Oh leflop tryna injured Kyrie

@iMusic3000 wrote: Kyrie did betray LeBron

Kyrie Irving maintains respect for LeBron James despite tricky relationship

Kyrie Irving parted ways with LeBron James in Cleveland in 2017, wanting to get out of the shadows of “The King” and go somewhere where he was going to be the focal point of his own team.

But the eight-time All-Star guard has maintained all this time his respect for James, whom he won an NBA title in 2016 with the Cavaliers and whose career achievements he said should be lauded and appreciated.

Irving served to highlight this early last year as James was pursuing the all-time scoring record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

He said by way of an ESPN report:

“His (James) ability to prepare himself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, game to game, day to day. I’ve been quoted on saying it’s hard to be LeBron James, or any superstar, or any entertainment, sport, athletic or business industry, because all eyes are on you. But he’s handled it extremely well.

“We gave the keys to the whole entire business to an 18-year-old kid and now he’s 38 years old and he’s still dominating. I don’t think we should be surprised. I think we should congratulate and celebrate him as much as possible.”

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving played together in Cleveland for three years in the former’s second tour of duty with the Cavaliers. Each time they reached the NBA Finals, winning it all in 2016.


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