Popular Claw Clips for Every Style – Prices from $4.99!


Claw clips are all the rage right now! Here are the best of each type so your hair game is always on point…

a womans hand displaying a sage green Lolalet Medium Nonslip Claw Hair Clips 8-Count 2

Your best hair is only a clip away.

Did someone say effortless hair? There’s no better hairstyle than a claw clip when you’re looking to create a chic look in a flash! There’s no styling hassle. You clip it anywhere on your head, and you’ll look instantly chic!

These clips are totally trending right now, it’s really not a question of if you’ll use one, but which one? 😍

Here are our top picks for the best hair claw clips:

1. You get EIGHT clips for thick hair with this highly-rated set.

This set has a whopping 5,700 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings that agree – they’re GREAT for thick hair! Each clip is approximately 3.4″ in length compared to most clips which are only 3″ long.

This reviewer couldn’t have said it any better…

Love these! I’m very picky with what I buy and I have no regret buying these! I have long and thick hair and I was worried these wouldn’t hold my hair up but they don’t budge! I’ve basically been wearing them every day and my sister has now stolen one and wears it every day. Highly recommend!

2. Hip Sidekick, Chelsey can’t stop wearing these trendy flower clips.

woman holding up Green Flower Hair Clip

Flower claw clips are everywhere right now and this is the perfect price to pay ($1.16 each) to jump on the trend! They are suitable for all types of hair and look super cute stacked!

Here’s what Hip Sidekick, Chelsey had to say…

This is my second pack of these flower hair clips because I love them so much so I need all the colors! They hold a good amount of hair without hurting your scalp. And, they look SO cute stacked or wearing 2 or more at a time. Jump on this cute trend while you can and for a great price!

woman with hair in green butterfly claw clip

This colorful set comes in four colors and would be perfect for those who want to add a butterfly touch to any styling. How cute would these look in a half-up/half-down hair look?!

Curious about these? Take a look at this review…

These are super cute matte Butterfly clips they are great for thick hair too. They are very strong and not cheap feeling they are made of great quality so they will last a long time. These are great and cute for everyday use getting your hair off your neck or a special occasion. These are great for all women of all ages.

4. These butterfly clips are giving whimsy vibes. 😍 

two metal butterfly clips

Hair claw clips that are this stunning can easily be worn to weddings, date nights, and other special occasions. It’s so nice that you get one of each metal finish to match whatever color jewelry you’re wearing too!

Wondering about the durability? This review says it all…

Let me just rave about this butterfly claw clip. I wear it almost EVERY single day ALL day in the hot & steamy parts of Southeast Texas in that toxic humidity that never goes away and not even a little bit has this baby tarnished in the last 3 months. It is also INDESTRUCTIBLE. I break even the most durable claw clips so I’ve switched to metal ones and this one is one of the strongest I have in my collection. I get compliments on it all the time and it’s the cutest subtle accessory that goes with any outfit.

Looking for small butterfly clips? Give yourself the ultimate 90’s flashback with these…

a womans hand holding a hot pink mini butterfly clip

5. Long hair? These 5″ clips will keep every strand in place!

multi colored square hair clips

The square design of these huge claw clips is trendy but also gives a more secure hold. Plus, the 5″ size is just about as large as they come!

Check out this 5-star review…

I have fine hair but a lot of it. My hair is long, down to my lower back. It’s hard to find a clip that holds my hair without straining or pulling my hair. This flat comb design is wonderful for keeping your hair in place without some falling out. My more rounded clips don’t grip right. These are also very durable which I appreciate since I have broken many clips in the past. These are great and I love all the colors they come in. I will definitely keep these in rotation.

4 Large Flat Claw Clips laying on a white marble counter

Also known as French barrettes, alligator clips, or side clips, flat claw clips are known to be the most durable and hold even the thickest hair in place. These have an elegant matte finish and are available in 4 neutral colors, so they match any outfit.

Here’s why this reviewer loves these clips…

This is the perfect large flat hair clip. It is not heavy but with substance. One clip holds up my waist length hair (Medium to fine hair). I also love to use 2 clips to style and secure. No more scalp pains!! I can comfortably sit back on my seat while I am driving thanks to its flat design. It does not pull my hair when I unclip my hair, also because of the flat design. I already placed 3 more orders as it’s not easy to come across perfect hair clips.😄 I am a hair clip manic and am always buying hair clips whether they are large, medium or small in various styles because I am constantly searching for the most comfortable and useful ones. I think I may have found them!

a beige claw clip being squeezed open

Are flat claw clips safer in case of a car accident?

Some are starting to advise removing claw clips while driving in case of a car accident that may cause damage. These flat claw clips may also be a safe option since the prongs are shorter and the clip is contoured to lay flatter against the head.

7. This variety pack of gold clips makes a great gift!

different shaped gold hair clips

These clips are made of high-quality alloy so they provide a secure hold and won’t chip or crack. They come in a variety of shapes for every occasion and the gold color elevates them for eveningwear, weddings, and more.

This set has a 4.7-star rating with 7,280 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings! Here’s what one happy customer had to say…

Every woman I know owns these clips – because they’re my favorite to give as a gift. They go on sale for $6 often and I’ll buy a couple boxes when they do. They come in a pretty pink box with a mesh bag inside.

The clips themselves open wide, which allows lots of thick hair to fit inside. The metal hinges are very tightly coiled, keeping the clip squeezed tightly shut around hair. These clips aren’t going anywhere, unlike plastic clips which start to slip as soon as I put my hair in them.

I absolutely love using these clips for myself, and every woman I’ve gifted them to raves about them as well. My coworkers wear them all the time! Daily! Highly recommend for yourself or as a can’t-miss gift.

8. Target claw clips are everything from eclectic to chic & Hip Sidekick, Chelsey is also a big fan!

variety of hair clips in a pile

I’m constantly grabbing claw clips from Target.com for my daughter & I. Plus, they’re always releasing new ones and they’re just so cute I can’t resist! WE LOVE ALL OF THEM!

9. Fine hair? These 2″ clips are for you!

multi colored small hair clips in a circle

If you have fine hair, you don’t need much claw clip, so this 2″ size is perfect. Plus, you get a whopping 12 in a variety of neutral and bright colors so you can fix your hair in a pinch any day of the week!

Take it from this satisfied customer who also has fine hair…

I have very fine hair that has never been able to stay in a clip without a rubber band, these hold my hair all day long with no trouble. Super cute, sturdy, and well-made.

10. Don’t want to spend $34 on an Emi Jay hair clip? These look SO similar to the highly rated, handmade clips!

comparison of acrylic clips in womens hair

Social media is buzzing around Emi Jay claw clips – but they aren’t cheap! This set looks so similar and just one clip will cost you around $3.79 – that’s about 90% less than the cost of the real thing! 😱

Now that you’ve got your faves in the bag, let’s get stylin’!

woman putting hair clip in hair

How do you use a claw clip?

Like we mentioned before, if you want easy, claw clips are EASY.

They work on slicked-back styles, ponytails, half-up hair, straight hair, curly hair – even dirty hair. 😆

The most common way to use a claw clip is as follows:

– Gather your hair into a ponytail in the center back of the head

– Twist all the hair until the end of your ponytail is pointing towards the ceiling

– Open the claw clip to secure the teeth over the twisted pony in the center back of the head. *If you have long enough hair it should spill over.

Optional: if your hair is too long or you prefer a different look, bend your ponytail in half before secure with the claw clip. This will keep all the hair under the claw clip for a bun or updo-type look.

Looking for more claw clip hairstyles? Check out this helpful graphic…

several different hairstyles using claw clips

Video learner? Here are 4 easy hairstyles anyone can do…

woman and girl wearing hairclips side by side outside

As you can see our team is pretty sold on this cute & easy beauty trend 😉 but like any trend, it always raises the question: could claw clips be bad for your hair? 

Fortunately, this is one of those rare trends where there’s virtually NO downside at all 🙌🏼 Claw clips are heat-free, versatile, easy to use, affordable, and gentle on the hair as long as you use them correctly! In fact, they’re a great alternative to hair scrunchies and tight ponytails.

If you’re still a little unsure about your hair in a claw clip, here are a few helpful tips to prevent any possible damage:

  • Remove carefully
  • Don’t twist or pull your hair too tightly
  • Avoid using claw clips in wet or damp hair

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