“Why are press asking players about domestic violence?”


Tenny Sandgren, although not in Melbourne now for the 2024 Australian Open, has inserted himself into the discussion around Alexander Zverev’s impending domestic abuse trail, a case that has taken over Melbourne Park.

After the Happy Slam kicked off, it came to light that Zverev has been requested by the Berlin criminal court to appear in May to contest the allegations of domestic violence levied on him by ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea. Since then, many players, including the likes of Iga Swiatek and Stefanos Tsitsipas, on location have been asked about their thoughts on the matter.

Sandgren, however, did not think it was fair for the press to do so, saying that players are just independent contractors and if the journalists really wanted to make a difference, they should be asking questions of the ATP officials.

“Why are the press asking players about domestic violence? Like yes domestic violence is bad why the weird ‘got ya’ game? We are independent contractors bro go ask the ATP big wigs chill tf out,” Sandgren said on social media.

One fan then interceded and told the American that it was fair to bring up such questions in press conferences considering Zverev was recently voted by players to become a part of the ATP Players’ Council. Sandgren, in response, retaliated by saying that it is not upto the players to make sure he is in good standing with the ATP anyway and that any action should first come from the men’s tennis body.

“It’s not the players job to make sure another player is in good standing with the atp. The fact that he’s on tour playing makes it self-evident that he is. But of course they know that,” Sandgren added.

“I can see the headline now” – Tennys Sandgren mocks journalist over Alexander Zverev domestic abuse trial

2024 Australian Open - Day 3
2024 Australian Open – Day 3

Meanwhile, tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg, who is at Melbourne Park covering the Australian Open, said that he had received a lot of media requests to talk about Alexander Zverev in the last 24 hours, saying on Twitter:

“I have gotten more media requests to talk about Zverev in the last day than in any previous 24-hour period, easily. I guess the audacious overstep of a man awaiting criminal trial being elected by his peers to a leadership role mid- Aus Open broke through in a different way.”

Tennys Sandgren, however, went on to mock Rothenberg, sarcastically saying that he already knew that the headline would be about ATP players being muzzled about the issue while feigning altruism.

“I can see the headline now. “Atp players muzzled on domestic violence” Or some other provocative headline, but with altruistic motives of course,” Sandgren said sarcastically.

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