The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is Back In-Stock Right Now


These lululemon Everywhere Belt Bags are not your granny’s fanny pack!

lululemon grey everywhere belt bag

The lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is still as popular as ever!

For a limited time, head over to where you can save big on select Everywhere Belt Bags! Note that these trendy bags rarely stay in stock for long so if you’re interested, don’t wait!

HIP TIP: Military and First Responders can score an additional 15% off! Head here to verify your status through SheerID.

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Check out these Everywhere Belt Bag deals: 

woman wearing Lululemon black wunder puff belt bag

man in white shirt wearing blue lululemon belt bag across chest

man wearing green sweatshirt with black and silver belt bag on waist

woman in green jacket wearing white belt bag across chest

Mini Belt Bag4 color options!
Only $29 shipped (regularly $39)

woman wearing black fleece belt bag and green sweater

white Lululemon studded belt bag unzipped with interior showing

woman wearing black Lululemon belt bag with hand warmer

Plus, don’t miss this newly released bag…

woman wearing red belt bag and jacket

We adore these on-trend bags because of their high quality and the fact that they can be worn in so many ways and work with so many outfits! Whether you are running errands, heading to the gym, going to work, or traveling, these belt bags allow you to be hands-free and stylish at the same time!

We love that these unisex bags come in a variety of colors and textures.

It’s no secret that we reaaaally love these belt bags! 😆

These belt bags can hold all of your everyday essentials like your phone, wallet, keys, earbuds, personal care items, and more! Even better, they can be worn as a sling bag or cross-body, a fanny pack, or a shoulder bag! They are super practical and make a great gift for just about any age.

Be sure to grab your favorites NOW as new styles and popular colors tend to sell out very quickly.

Lululemon bags in various colors

Our Hip readers love this belt bag as much as we do…

This was my college student daughter’s favorite holiday gift. For once, I was able to surprise her with something she likes and uses almost daily. She’s an athlete, so she wears it while running or crossing campus to class. I also bought one for my other daughter, who is a teacher. She already owned a cheaper version of the bag from Amazon she bought for music festivals, but it was coming apart. She uses it to keep her hands free and her phone secure. She’ll be traveling soon and will use it then. – Hip reader Dee

Oh my gosh, love this little bag or fanny pack whatever you wanna call it. My daughter ordered one for me, herself, and my two granddaughters. We all love this! And of course, we got it from Hipsterz post! Awesome bag, and so convenient to have it strapped around our shoulders! Awesome purchase!Hip reader Karbear52

Recently got one for my daughter. She is going to Germany for the summer to study abroad. She absolutely loves it. She says it’s the perfect size to carry a phone, wallet, and extras. She wanted one in order to prevent her purse from getting snatched. – Hip reader, Monica

Love these belt bags. Definitely more stylish than the average fanny pack. I hate lugging a purse around and these are the perfect size for my phone, wallet, and keys and have both hands and arms free. I have 3 little ones 4 and under so I need the freedom and love having everything I need close and safe in this bag 😊 – Hip reader Jaimie123

Ladies, check out even more deals over here…

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