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Here’s the latest Walmart Grocery promo code!

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Save time grocery shopping with Walmart Grocery Pickup!

Gone are the days of crowded grocery stores and long lines, now you can order your groceries and more online and have them delivered right to your vehicle with Walmart Grocery Pickup!

This service is so convenient and you can score extra savings with Walmart grocery promo codes!

Even better, Walmart Plus Members score FREE home delivery on orders over $35! Head over here to learn more about all the perks of having a Walmart+ Membership and how to get $50 Walmart Cash when you join by 1/31 too!

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

Combine Walmart’s low prices with these Grocery promo codes to save BIG –

  • WOWFRESH – $10 off your first $50 order (new customers only)
  • TRIPLE20 – $20 off $50 order (eligible customers only)
  • TRIPLE10 – $10 off your first 3 pickup or delivery orders (new customers only)
  • TRIPLE15 – $15 off your first 3 orders (select new customers only)
  • 10INHOME – 10% off In-Home delivery order (select areas only)
  • 20INHOME – $20 off In-Home delivery order (select areas only)

Note that the availability of these promo codes varies by account and location. Not all accounts or locations will be eligible for these promo codes.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

Our readers LOVE this grocery service… see why! 

This has been such a lifesaver! I did Instacart one time and they placed my original receipt in the bag and that’s when I saw Instacart was $140 MORE than if I would have gone in-store, not including the tip (it was for Costco)! I was appalled.

Walmart grocery is so much more affordable and I even pay the monthly amount to have it delivered to my door so I don’t have to drive anywhere…just wish they had a code for repeat customers but oh well already saving so much compared to Instacart!

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

1. It’s a completely FREE service.

That’s right – NO service fees and NO markups with Walmart Grocery Pickup! You’ll pay the same prices you would if you shopped in-store and you can even shop select Rollback and Clearance items! Just look for the red Rollback banner or the word “clearance” listed in the title while shopping.

Note that there is a $35 minimum order for pickup, however, there are no extra fees or upcharges for pickup orders.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

2. You’ll save time AND money.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is a lifesaver for busy parents! Just use the free Walmart Grocery App to shop anywhere (in bed, at home, on your lunch break, in the carpool lane, etc). Pick a time that works best for you and a Walmart employee will prepare your order so you can pick it up when it’s ready!

While you can’t use coupons when ordering online for pickup or delivery, you can use gift cards and Walmart Pickup is now accepting SNAP/ EBT credits.

Do you follow a keto lifestyle? If so, check out our meal plans that can be shopped for at Walmart. It’s on our sister site, Hip2Keto. Discover a FREE printable Walmart grocery list where you can click on links and add ingredients to your Walmart Grocery cart for a quick and easy pickup.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

3. Walmart Grocery Pickup is for more than just groceries.

If you’re in need of a baby shower gift, school or office supplies, paint supplies, pet food, or even toys, you can purchase all of those items on or through the app! You can even buy an Instant Pot, vacuum cleaner, or an all-in-one printer – without having to go inside the store.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

4. Substitutions are so easy!

You can choose to allow substitutions in your order, which will be made by the Walmart associate preparing your order. If an item you requested is sold out, they will offer a similar item as a substitution. You can accept, decline, or return substitution offers.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

5. Avoid impulse purchases.

Running in-store to grab a few items can quickly escalate into a free-for-all, stuff-your-cart kind of situation! With Walmart Grocery Pickup, you’re less likely to make impulse buys, so you won’t be tempted to buy those candy bars at checkout or toys that the kids see while walking the aisles.

a collection of groceries in walmart delivery bags on a countertop

6. Oops. Forget something? No worries!

Forget to add toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bananas, or another item to your grocery order? With some exceptions, you can add or remove items (and even change the time/date for your order) until a few hours before your scheduled delivery/pickup order.

If you sign in to your Walmart Grocery account and select ‘My Orders’, you can see the exact cutoff time for submitting changes.

Walmart Grocery Pickup signs

7. No need to get dressed or wake the kids!

Waking up grumpy toddlers to haul them into a store is THE WORST! Once your Walmart Grocery Pickup order is ready, you can drive up in your pajamas or with a car full of sleeping kiddos, and an employee will load your groceries into your car! You don’t even have to get out of your car AT ALL!

NOTE – Tips cannot be accepted at pickup, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome. 😀 However, tips for home delivery are optional, but highly recommended as delivery drivers are not Walmart employees and only get paid a small fee for the delivery (similar to how DoorDash works.) If you want to tip for home delivery you can add the tip at checkout before placing your order.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

8. Possibly get free gifts.

If you’re a new Walmart Grocery customer, don’t be surprised if you receive a free goody bag while picking up your order! Several readers and friends have received a tote bag filled with samples or other freebies, which is always an added perk.

Select Walmarts also give out these goody bags every few months to current customers at pickup too! Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

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