Hunter Biden needs to drop his ridiculous ‘hacked’ laptop lawsuit


Not that there was any doubt, but now that the DOJ has stated officially that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, that he abandoned it at a computer store, and that the contents match his iCloud data subpoenaed by the FBI in 2019, it’s time for the president’s son to drop his ridiculous lawsuits pretending he was “hacked.” 

Otherwise, his expensive lawyers run the risk of being sanctioned and potentially disbarred for filing frivolous claims.

That’s the warning from New York attorney Bob Costello, who, along with his former client Rudy Giuliani, is being sued by Hunter in California for having “accessed, tampered with, manipulated, altered, copied and damaged [Hunter’s] data.” 

Hunter’s lawsuit is “based on a truly bizarre theory,” says Costello in a motion to dismiss it, “that the ‘Biden Laptop’ is not really Plaintiff’s laptop, but rather a laptop masquerading as Biden’s laptop containing salacious files that were falsely attributed to him intermixed with files supposedly stolen or hacked from him [and] he is ‘unaware’ of how this fantastical chain of events could have happened.”

Hunter’s legal team, led by Abbe Lowell, has gone to great lengths in multiple lawsuits to pretend that the laptop is not Hunter’s.

Honestly, this ruse has to end. It’s not true, and Lowell can no longer pretend he doesn’t know. 

To that end, Costello is instigating proceedings against Lowell and his fellow attorneys under Rule 11 of federal law that prohibits meritless or frivolous litigation and allows courts to apply personal sanctions to attorneys for violations.

“How many times have they told a story that is at odds with the facts as revealed by the DOJ?” asks Costello.

“Lawyers are not permitted to simply make things up and put it in a complaint. That’s exactly why Rule 11 exists.”

Former Trump staffer Garrett Ziegler, who is being sued by Hunter in a similar lawsuit, welcomes the intervention: “Since October 2020, Hunter Biden and his benefactor Kevin Morris have been unwilling to accept the blunt reality: Hunter forgot to pick up his laptop, and thus his crimes and those of his family were exposed. All of the lawfare is a result of this unwillingness to accept reality and take responsibility; Abbe Lowell and [colleague] Bryan Sullivan should be sanctioned and disbarred.”

Hunter and his father don’t want to admit that damning material from the laptop about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s foreign influence peddling schemes first published by the Post in October 2020 was real.

It was not Russian disinformation.

It was not hacked.

It’s about time they told the truth.

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