Selena Gomez Superfan Trounced the Singer in a Game About Selena Gomez


Gomez stan easily defeats singer in contest about Selena knowledge on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Selena Gomez visited Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday, where she faced off against a superfan to see who was more knowledgeable about Selena Gomez. Spoiler alert: It did not end well for the singer.

“Who Knows Selena Gomez?” found the titular singer up against Ashley, a diehard stan who came to the competition in a Gomez tee and self-made Gomez iPhone case. At stake for the winner: Gomez’s own junk drawer, filled with assorted goodies from her home.

Ashley mounted an early lead, stunning Gomez by knowing what Selena means in Greek (“Moon”), Gomez’s number of Instagram followers to the closest million, and what food item is mentioned in the singer’s new single “Love On.”

Gomez staged a comeback with some factoids about herself that not even Ashley knew, including that Gomez now lives in a house previously owned by Tom Petty; Ashley wasn’t aware of that fact, as — sadly — Ashley admitted she had no idea who Tom Petty is.


Despite the minor stumble, Ashley ultimately built an insurmountable lead in “Who Knows Selena Gomez?,” making her the victor and the new owner of Gomez’s autographed junk drawer.

After the game, Gomez also sat down with Kimmel to discuss her new single, Only Murders in the Building’s upcoming season, and her Wizards of Waverly Place reunion:

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