Lizzo Claims ‘Nobody Asked’ Her to Be in Jennifer Lopez’s Film


In a scene from Lopez’s new doc, singer was mentioned alongside a string of A-listers who supposedly declined a cameo request in This Is Me…Now

Lizzo maybe would have made an appearance in Jennifer Lopez‘s new musical film — alongside Jane Fonda, Keke Palmer and Post Malone — if only she had actually seen the request.

Lizzo took to TikTok after the release of Lopez’s new documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told, where the singer and actress details the process of making her new album This Is Me…Now and the film of the same name. In one scene, Lopez listens to her team list off A-listers who declined to make a cameo in the musical film: Taylor Swift, Jason Momoa, and Jennifer Coolidge, to name a few. Lizzo is also among the named stars who apparently passed on the opportunity to appear in the film.


“Ain’t nobody told me nothin,’” the star says, stitching her video with scene from the movie. “Nobody asked me! JLo, I love you.”

In the scene, Lopez’s team notes that Lizzo was busy. It’s likely her team had declined before putting the request on Lizzo’s own desk due to her schedule. But now we’ll never know how the astrology signs-as-Greek chorus scene would have been shaken up with the addition of the “About Damn Time” star.

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