Pinterest Announces Expanded AI Ad Tools to Enhance Performance


Pinterest has announced some new features for advertisers, including improved campaign automation, customized background generation (powered by A.I.) and Promoted Pin collages to showcase related products.  

And there are some interesting, and valuable additions here, that will drive more Pin interest.

First off, Pinterest is testing new A.I.-based automated ad campaigns called “Performance+”, which will provide more ways to optimize all elements of Promoted Pin creation through systematic process.

So rather than relying on your own Pin knowledge, the system will essentially enable you to put your trust in Pinterest’s ad creation and audience matching process to drive results, which Pinterest says is indeed doing just that.

As per Pinterest:

“Early results from alpha testing show that most advertisers saw a 10%+ improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for Conversion and Catalog sales campaigns or a 10%+ improvement in CPC for Consideration campaigns. In addition, the suite of Performance+ tools decreases campaign creation time significantly with 50% less inputs required.”

It could be a good way to improve your Pin performance, without having to do the in-depth research required with manual targeting.

Pinterest is also adding A.I. background generation for product images, which will enable personalization of your creative based on the preferred styles and trends of interest to each user.

Pinterest ads update

As you can see in this example, Pinterest’s background generation will be able to realign your product images to the preferred style of the viewer.

 “With this experiment, Pinterest will generate personalized lifestyle backgrounds to enrich Product Pins and deepen engagement. Using signals reflecting US Pinterest users’ taste, the feature generates backgrounds personalized to users’ aesthetics.”

So if a user has a leaning towards a certain aesthetic style, the system will be able to match that as a product background, providing more context as to how the item may fit into their design plans.

Which is a really interesting, and valuable use of generative A.I., and could help to drive more engagement based around specific trends of interest.

Pinterest is also looking to integrate the popularity of its separate “Shuffles” app into Pinterest, by enabling collages for ads, with product listings attached to each image.

We are now testing collages with advertisers to make this engaging new content more shoppable and discoverable through promotion. Select advertisers can tag the products in their collage and promote it as a Showcase or Collection ad so that users can tap to learn more about their brand and products.”

Pinterest says that it’s currently testing its ad collages with a small group of advertisers ahead of a planned expansion later this year.

The new updates form part of Pinterest’s new “Ad Labs” innovation program, which is where it will be testing all of its evolving A.I. features.

Pinterest Ad Labs is a new innovation program for select brands to test prototypes of new creative and ad tools. These include generative A.I. features powered by personalized insights to interactive shopping capabilities through collages. Our goal is to encourage experimentation and to learn from advertiser feedback so we can bring the best new tools to market quickly.”

Pinterest is working to drive more interest in its ad offerings, underlining its value as an online shopping mall, and these new tools will provide more ways to better align with key platform trends, which could indeed drive big benefits.

And while some marketers are still hesitant to put too much trust in automation, there are some very interesting tools here that could definitely help to boost Pin engagement.

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