LinkedIn Adds New Elements to its Newsletter Creation Platform


LinkedIn has announced some new updates for its newsletter creation platform, including an updated reader UI, and new tools

First off, LinkedIn’s newsletter display has been updated, with the comments now shifted to the right of the main display.

LinkedIn newsletter update

As you can see in this example, now, your newsletter will get main screen real estate at the left, with the comments appearing in a separate panel alongside, which LinkedIn believes will help to encourage more comment engagement by having the discussion and context on one screen.

Readers can choose to sort the comments by “Most Relevant” or “Most Recent” in the comment filters.

LinkedIn’s also adding some new newsletter creation elements, including the ability to embed LinkedIn profiles in your text.

As per LinkedIn:

“You now have the ability to embed member profiles and pages directly into your newsletter, making it easier for your readers to click directly through to those you’re referencing. These interactive embeds will allow you to spotlight members and pages with an eye-catching approach.

It’s also adding new “staging links” for newsletters, which will enable you to view an article’s URL before it’s been published. That’ll help you get a better idea of what you’re sending before you actually publish, which could help to catch errors and glitches in actual presentation.

LinkedIn’s also rolling out a new Microsoft Designer integration, which will enable you to use Microsoft’s AI image generation tools to come up with cover images for your newsletter updates.

LinkedIn newsletter update

As with all generative A.I. tools, some of these are going to look a little questionable, but if you need an image that fits your topic, it’s an easy way to add in a visual element.

Finally, LinkedIn’s also updating its newsletter notifications to help creators drive more sign-ups:

Each time you publish a newsletter, subscribers get email and in-app notification of it and anyone following you will be prompted to subscribe if they aren’t already. It’s truly a surefire way to get your knowledge in front of more people.

LinkedIn says that newsletters have seen big growth over the past year, with a 59% increase in the amount of people publishing newsletter articles on the platform, and a 47% increase in engagement on newsletters. There are also now more than 184K newsletters being published in the app, underlining the potential opportunity of utilizing LinkedIn’s scale to maximize your audience reach.

You won’t “own” your audience, as such, as you’ll be going through LinkedIn’s platform, as opposed to building your own newsletter list, but it could provide you with the reach you need to establish your brand, and branch into the newsletter business.

And if you are considering a LinkedIn newsletter, you now have more options at your disposal to maximize presentation and performance.

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