Instagram Tests New ‘Creator Insights’ Profile Performance Overview for Brands


Instagram’s adding another way to help creators establish partnerships with brands, this time via a new “Creator Insights” display on their profile, which provides a snapshot of their account performance over the last 30 days.

Instagram Creator Insights

As you can see in this example, posted by Becca Alves (and shared by Lia Haberman), now, selected creators have a new “Creator Insights” information link appearing on their profile, which brand accounts can tap on to glean insight into their recent analytics.

The basic display provides a quick overview of:

  • Follower growth
  • Accounts reached
  • Accounts engaged

Again, all of the metrics displayed reflect the previous 30-day period, making it easy to get an assessment of just how prominent and active each account has been.

As noted in the image, creators can choose to share this information, similarly to how they would share the same in Instagram’s Creator Marketplace.

Instagram Creator Marketplace

In fact, I suspect it’s the exact same permissions at use, which means that if you choose to share your data in Marketplace, it may be eligible to be shown in this display as well.

The quick “Creator Insights” option is seemingly only viewable by brand accounts, and again, is only available to selected profiles at this time, but it could be a valuable way to facilitate more connections between brands and influencers on potential ad partnerships.

We’ve asked Instagram for more information on the roll out and potential expansion of this display to more users.

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