Reddit Launches Updated Conversation Ads


Reddit’s revising its comment stream ad placement, as it looks to provide more ways to reach Reddit users where they’re most active.

Reddit Conversation Ads

As you can see in this example, Reddit’s updated Conversation Ads will include larger media, improving your placement right in the discussion element of Reddit posts.

It’s also looking to improve its carousel display, with updated CTA buttons.

Reddit Conversation Ads

Reddit initially launched Conversation ads back in September 2021, enabling advertisers to promote their products direct within its highly engaged post comment threads, while it added direct product promos and the carousel display late last year.

The new update looks to make it a more appealing and engaging ad option, and with 47% of Reddit screenviews happening in the comments, it’s also a prime placement option in the app.

Reddit’s also testing a new ad placement “that lives seamlessly between individual comments in Reddit conversations.”

It may seem a little intrusive, placing promos in the chat stream, but it could be an effective way to reach your target audience in the app.

Indeed, Reddit says that a combined approach of Reddit Feed and Conversation Ad placements “drives Action Intent more than twice as strong as Feed only,” according to its research.

It could be worth considering, and with Reddit now up to 82 million daily actives, within its highly engaged communities, it is becoming a more significant option over time.  

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