Reddit Shares Tips for Holiday Marketing Campaigns


Reddit has shared some new insights into how Redditors are using the app for holiday shopping research, with many already seeking out great deals six months out from the holiday season.

And Reddit has become a key discovery and validation tool for many.

As per Reddit:

When it comes to gifting, Reddit is an early destination for holiday shoppers as the #1 source for real reviews on products and brands to gift. Reddit provides real advice and recommendations specific to shoppers and their needs. In fact, 1-in-3 shoppers who first heard about a product or service on independent review sites, Amazon, or even Google, turned to Reddit for additional research on that potential purchase. Once folks are here, 85% of people who used Reddit when looking into holiday gifting ultimately made a purchase.”

Based on its research, Reddit has come up with three key tips to help brands maximize their marketing potential by connecting with holiday shoppers.

First off, Reddit suggests that brands should look to align their campaigns with seasonal shopping behaviors.

Starting in April, travel accounts for 35% of holiday conversations, while discussions about holiday parties make up 8%. Meanwhile, gifting is already a significant topic, comprising 22% of the conversations. By November – December, hosting and menu planning have moved to the largest total share of conversations.”

Reddit holiday planning

Based on this Reddit advises that brands should plan their marketing outreach accordingly, while Reddit also notes that many Redditors are looking to purchase from small businesses for gifts.

Reddit also recommends that brands deploy a full-funnel strategy to reach prospective consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle.

Reddit holiday planning

By catering to each of these elements in your promotions, you’re maximizing your potential with Reddit ads, and providing relevant answers when people are seeking them.

Finally, Reddit also notes that brands should look to align with holiday trends.

“The 2023 holiday season sparked reflections on the past and present, with popular subreddits dedicated to specific decades like r/90s and r/80s experiencing increased traffic. Users shared nostalgic memories of holidays gone by, fostering a sense of catharsis and connection in communities like r/AskOldPeople. Positivity shone through in uplifting spaces such as r/mademesmile, where members reminisced about lost loved ones and sought silver linings during the holidays.”

Reddit also notes that there’s an increase in discussion in financial subreddits from around August, as people start planning for the holidays, which could be a good time to offer early sales deals, while it also reports that many Redditors are also last-minute shoppers, which is another element to keep in mind.

The platform is gradually becoming a bigger facilitator of product research, via its new partnership with Google, which is helping to increase referral traffic to subreddit listings. That could present new opportunities, and at 82.7 million daily active users, and rising, it may be worth paying more attention to the developing ad options in the app.  

You can read more of Reddit’s consumer research notes here.

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