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The Weeknd Releases ‘Sacrifice’ Music Video: WATCH


All the partying finally caught up to him. The last we saw of our hero, the Weeknd, in the music video for “Take My Breath,” he’d traded his red suit for black, gone to a warehouse rave, and found a dangerous lover. In the Weeknd’s next video, “Sacrifice,” he wakes up after having his breath taken and gets abducted by some cloaked figures. You guessed it, he’s their sacrifice. The video is the latest offering from the Weeknd’s Dawn FM, the After Hours follow-up he released Friday, December 7, modeled as a radio broadcast soundtracking purgatory. And if you don’t think being taken away by cloaked figures sounds like the underworld, just wait till you see them suck the life out of themselves — and the Weeknd too. Maybe next video we’ll find out if this is how we got Old Weeknd on the cover of Dawn FM.

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